Workplace generosity

Engage your employees.

Workplace Giving shouldn’t have to feel like…work.

Your employees have big hearts ready to make an impact in the world. Uncommon Giving can help empower your workplace to awaken generosity and encourage giving time, talent, treasure, testimony and thanks. Reduce manual payments and spreadsheets – we’ll help streamline the charitable giving process, so you can focus on people, not numbers.

Day of Giving

Your team is up for the challenge! It’s one day a year (or more!) when giving back is front and center, companywide. Using Uncommon Giving, you can encourage participation in workplace generosity events that serve as team-building opportunities — while supporting nonprofits and causes that align with your employees’ and company’s interests.

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, immediate action is required. Work with Uncommon Giving to quickly develop charitable giving campaigns that create targeted results. Build custom UGIV Funds to help engage team members, raise online donations and create positive change.

Matching Gifts

Give, track and report your company’s matching gifts through Uncommon Giving’s Workplace Generosity solution. Employee donations are made online and will be reported through an intuitive interface for your company. You’ll be able to support causes your employees care about and spread generosity in your community.


Soon with Uncommon Workplace Generosity, employees would be able to post and sign up for volunteer projects, report their hours, celebrate how they’ve given their time and leverage their unique talents in your community.

Dollars for Doers

Your big-hearted employees care enough to spend time volunteering based on personal passions and interests. The Uncommon Workplace Generosity platform will help you engage employees on a personal level and reward them for doing good.

To learn more about how Uncommon Workplace Generosity can work for you and your Corporate Social Responsibility program, contact:

Earl Bridges
President & CEO, Workplace Generosity
Uncommon Giving Corporation